About Us


The purpose of the Milkman Lunch Company & Cake Shoppe is to fill a much-needed void in the food-service industry, creating a desirable product with ease-of-service and convenience for both the consumer and the company. By combining a nostalgic image and standards of service from years past with today’s modern technology and mass-market appeal, the Milkman Lunch Company & Cake Shoppe will assure it’s standing at the fore-front of America’s busy, on-the-go culture.


The image projected by the Milkman Lunch Company & Cake Shoppe combines quality with professionalism, fun with familiarity, and technology with nostalgia. It is crisp, clean and worthy of public trust in a food-service establishment. By choosing a time-honored figurehead as our inspiration and company namesake, we hope to tap into secure feelings of days past, when friendly neighborhood Milkmen actually came door-to-door. Our dedication to high standards of customer service is unwavering and integral to our success and your satisfaction.