On and on and on we go, Milkman friends and fans, rocking out to our favorite jams as we create cake and cafe’ magic at 250 E. High Street. There it is…Pottstown’s most fabulous lil cake shoppe. “Look at those cakes in the window,” you shout. “Look at that charming cafe’!” And so you park your car, come on in, and in the space of that instant, you realise all your cake dreams have now come true. Ahh, lovely, ooh, fabulous, and the best part is, you are NOT dreaming. It’s real, it’s all real, and now you indulge yourself in the atmosphere, the warm aroma and delicious taste of the finest foods made with the finest ingredients. Oh my my, heaven is a place on earth, and it’s called The Milkman Lunch Company & Cake Shoppe!

3 thoughts on “NOTES TO THE MILKMAN

  1. Sam and Chris – I just have to thank you again for the “sweetest” birthday event. You both were so accommodating and made everything so special for us – from the set-up of cheese and fruit to the yummy cupcakes. All my girlfriends were so thrilled with Sam’s cake decorating instructions and I know that some of them will be taking this on as a new hobby. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN…and you made that happen!
    See you soon,

    • Holy Cake you guys, wow what a site, the cakes look wonderful, and at only $7.00 for lunch, I will be arriving with the whole dragon boat team on Thursday, please deliver lunch to riverside park. You will recognize us as Dragons Alive.
      We are use to paying $12.00 up here for less then what you guys are offering! Love ya Much. Aunt Sheila

  2. Hi Chris & Sam,

    This is Tim Dawson…we met at my niece’s wedding Jacque and Rob earlier this summer. How did the move work out for you?

    I wanted to find out if you have any t-shirts for purchase?

    You guys are great, all the best to you both. Tim

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