3 thoughts on “NOTES TO THE MILKMAN

  1. Sam and Chris – I just have to thank you again for the “sweetest” birthday event. You both were so accommodating and made everything so special for us – from the set-up of cheese and fruit to the yummy cupcakes. All my girlfriends were so thrilled with Sam’s cake decorating instructions and I know that some of them will be taking this on as a new hobby. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN…and you made that happen!
    See you soon,

    • Holy Cake you guys, wow what a site, the cakes look wonderful, and at only $7.00 for lunch, I will be arriving with the whole dragon boat team on Thursday, please deliver lunch to riverside park. You will recognize us as Dragons Alive.
      We are use to paying $12.00 up here for less then what you guys are offering! Love ya Much. Aunt Sheila

  2. Hi Chris & Sam,

    This is Tim Dawson…we met at my niece’s wedding Jacque and Rob earlier this summer. How did the move work out for you?

    I wanted to find out if you have any t-shirts for purchase?

    You guys are great, all the best to you both. Tim

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